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10316-RSA - Tire Sealant & RSA for Trikes & Can Am Spyders

Three (3) 16-oz. bottle of Ride-On TPS tire sealant for autos & SUVs and a registration card for a Free One Year Roadside Assistance* Membership for Motorcycles (Available in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico), one valve core removal tool, installation hose, and installation instructions. Please read detailed explanation below.

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Trikes are very unique and we get asked what formula is best?

Trikes and Can Am Spyders are a unique application - a hybrid between motorcycles and cars. We get lots of calls and e-mails from Spyder and other trike owners asking us what formula they should use. If we were installing it in our own trikes or Can Am Spyders, we would use the Motorcycle Formula. However, we understand why some of our customers would rather use the Auto Formula because they get twice the product for the same price. The Auto Formula should NOT BE USED in traditional motorcycle applications. The Motorcycle Formula is designed for fast accelerating, cornering motorcycles that lean when they turn. The Motorcycle formula is designed to balance and react to a puncture quicker than the Auto Formula. Also, becasue of the rounded (curved) tread area of motorcycle tires, they benefit from the viscosity and flow characteristics of the motorcycle Formula. We do understand that many trikes and Can Am Spyders use automobile tires which are very flat in profile and don't need to lean when they turn. Because of this, trike and Can Am owners can effectively use the Auto Formula. However, the overall sealing performance of the Motorcycle Formula will still be better in these applications.

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