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Ride-On Bicycle Formula Tire Sealant (Bike-On)
Bike-On tire sealant (tyre sealant) is formulated for use in tube and tubeless bicycle tires (not for presta valves). Bike-On seals most tread punctures up to 1/8" in diameter, prevents flats and helps tires longer. Bike-On contains corrosion inhibitors that protect aluminum and steel wheels against oxidation. Bike-On also helps reduce dry rot and the tiny invisible porosity leaks that cause tires to deflate over time.

Q. Are all of your formulas the same sealant (interchangeable) and just packaged differently?

A: No. We currently produce nine distinctly different formulas. All of our Ride-On TPS formulas are very different products. Each has been designed and engineered to provide you with the maximum performance in sealing and balancing capabilities for its intended application; i.e. Auto, Motorcycle, Commercial, ATV, Motoscooter etc.
For example, the differences between our Motorcycle and Auto formulas, the different shapes of the tires (flat vs. cupped/rounded), the differences in acceleration, and the differences in suspension dynamics, all play a crucial role in how these different formulas perform and why they have been engineered in a manner that is application specific. As another example our ATV sealant is rather viscous with rubber particles, which may create a severe vibration/balancing issue if it were to be installed into your Auto and/or Motorcycle tires. Furthermore, the ATV product is designed to seal larger punctures in off-road only tires.

In summary, we categorically do not recommend that you substitute one of our formulas for another. For optimum performance, we recommend that you buy the correct sealant for your intended application.

Ride-On TPS Bicycle Tire Sealant

8-oz. bottle of Ride-On TPS tire sealant for bicycles (Bike-On Formula), valve core removal tool, and installation hose.


This case is supplied with twelve 8-oz. bottles of Bike-On tire sealant for bicycles (Bike-On Formula), 12 valve core removal tools, and 12 installation hoses.

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