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57040 - 55-Gal. Ride-On Tire Conditioner and Sealant
55-Gallon Drum of Ride-On TPS Tire Conditioner and Sealant (TC&S) Formula.
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Each 55-Gallon drum contains 7040 oz. of tire sealant. Tire Conditioner & Sealant Formula (TC&S) is a specially formulated industrial-grade tire sealant (tyre sealant) that protects tires and rims of vehicles operating at speeds less than 30 mph. TC&S, a preventive maintenance product, is designed to reduce downtime by sealing punctures, condition casings, and help to reduce rim corrosion and scale buildup in industrial, off-road and agricultural tires. Additionally, TC&S extends tire life by reducing porosity air loss, a major cause of underinflation and heat buildup in tires. TC&S is ideal for forklift, landscaping, ATV, agricultural, and other industrial tires.

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