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SC-LDTR - LED Smart Cap Demo Tank & Tester with Regulator

This Demo tank and regulator makes it very easy to test to see if an LED Smart Cap TPMS sensor is properly working and calibrated.

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This LED Smart Cap Demo Tank and Regulator allows you to test an LED Smart Cap at various pressure settings. Simply pressurize the tank and turn the regulator to set the pressure to desired psi. Screw on the LED TPMS valve cap to calibrate it to the set point pressure. Turn regulator knob to lower the pressure seen by the LED Smart Cap. As the pressure drops the LED Smart Cap will begin to blink (pressure must be reduced by minimum of 4 psi or 8 psi depending on the LED Smart Cap's trigger point). Turn the regulator knob the opposite direction to raise the pressure back to original setpoint. The LED Smart Cap will stop blinking red. This tool is ideal for testing or demonstrating how LED Smart Cap TPMS function.

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