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SC-CT - LED Smart Cap TPMS Check Tool

The LED Smart Cap Check tool is a flow through valve cap that allows you to easily check to see if your Smart Cap works.

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Q. What is the Testing Tool that is provided with my LED Smart Cap TPMS?
A. It allows you to check to see if the LED Smart Cap TPMS light will come on in case the tire pressure drops.

  1. You test the LED Smart Cap TPSM by first screwing the tester cap onto your valve stem. Make sure that the when you depress the head of the testing tool, a small amount of air is released.
  2. Screw on the LED Smart Cap TPMS on the tester tool.
  3. Unscrew the LED Smart Cap TPMS tester tool from valve stem (with the TPMS Smart Cap attached to it) so that it no longer registers the tire pressure through the tester tool. The red LED light should come on.
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