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ROTIS (Ride-On Tire Injection System) is a pneumatic drum pump designed to install Ride-On TPS tire sealants into tires without the need to deflate them.
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With ROTIS, you accurately inject Ride-On into fully pressurized tires (up to 115 psi), on or off your vehicles, up to 50 feet away from the product source. No more hand pumping. And, no more wasted time reinflating tires. You can remotely reset the pump for installation in multiple tires without needing to walk back to the control panel. Controls are where you need them at your fingertips. ROTIS includes it's own air line for inflating any tire. There's no need to run separate air lines. Quality. Durability. Simplicity. Reliability. We engineered and built ROTIS to handle tough jobs ... the way you want it done. ROTIS is supplied in two boxes: 1) 50 lbs - 11" x 20" x 54" (pump unit): and 2) 45 lbs - 24" x 24" x 9" (installation hoses, tools). ROTIS pump is not subject to 30 day return guarantee. All sales are FINAL. Please inquire about our ROTIS rental program.

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